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The maker who sells KENBAN-Harmonica has more than one, but They have attached a different name. sounds also changes with each makers. Those Key Lange is also various.

about key lange: C on the lower first line of the musical score of a G clef (saying by the MIDI note number is 61) is described as C3.

Trixon (?)/ Clavietta

This is the model of KENBAN-harmonica dawn. made in Italy. Manufacture stop now (?).

products keys lange
Clavietta 34 G? - E?
Clavietta 25 C? - C?
Trixietta 25 C? - C?

Clavietta-34keys (photo from la boite d'accordéon)

Clavietta-25keys (photo from la boite d'accordéon)

HOHNER/ Melodica

It is made in Germany. bass model was also manufactured till the early time of the 1990s. (Manufacture of Melodica Basso is stop now)

products keys lange
Clarina 8 8 ??? - ???
Clarina 12 12 ??? - ???
Melodica Student 20 C3 - G4
Melodica Soprano 25 C3 - C5
Melodica Alto 25 F2 - F4
Melodica Piano 20 20 C3 - E4
Melodica Piano 26 26 B2 - C5
Melodica Piano 27 27 F2 - G4
Melodica Piano 32 32 F2 - C5
Melodica Piano 36 36 F2 - E5
Melodica Basso 24 F1 - E3

Melodica Soprano (photo from Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG)

Melodica Piano 36 (photo from Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG)

Melodica Basso (photo by "Peter")

HOHNER/ Electra Melodica

In 1967, Hohner made the Electra Melodica, that is to say an electronic melodica. It was a monophonic intrument with a 3 octaves keyboard. The breathing blowed in the mouthpiece controled the volume of an electronic oscillator. The sound could be transposed over 9 octaves. unfortunately, Manufacture stop now. (reference: "The Melodica WorlWilde Page" and Mr. Devo)

products keys lange
Electra Melodica 36 F? - E?

Electra Melodica
(photo by "Devo")

HOHNER/ Claviola

It is developed as the keyboard rendition of an accordion, and a musical instrument with a sound generating process like a clarinet and sax of a new concept. The vibrato by change of the intonation of fixed within the limits and the tremolo by change of volume are possible. Moreover, pitch bending is also possible by closing the tube of arbitrary scales by hand. unfortunately, Manufacture stop now.

products keys lange
Claviola 30 G2 - C5

Claviola (photo from 10holes website)

ACCORDINA/ Accordina

It is made in France. It is a free reed wind instrument similar to a accordion style right key board chromatic accordion. The sound is modulated as for a harmonica. Two mobile flaps replace the player's hands. One of the advantages of the accordina is the possibility to play several individual notes simultanously to form a chord.

products keys lange
Accordina 44 F2 - C6

Accordina (photo from la boite d'accordéon)

Accordina (photo from Tetsuya Kuwayama HomePage)

ACCORDINA/ Accordina Piano

It's keyboard version of Accordina.

products keys lange
Accordina Piano 37 A2? - A5?

Accordina Piano (accordinas -Marcel Dreux-)

Bontempi/ C25 (Diamonica)

It is made in Itary. It seems that this is used in the school in Europe. (Please provide me with information)

products keys lange
C25 (Diamonica) 25 C4 - C6

C25 (Diamonica) (photo from "")

VICTORIA/ Vibrandoneon

It is made in Italy. it may be a musical instrument containing under the category of an accordion. Its mouthpiece shape is like Bassoon, body shape is like accordion. The lineup of the model which adopted the keyboard type as the keyboard part, and the model which adopted the button type is carried out.

products keys lange
VB100PN 34 reeds 8-8 34 ? - ?
VB200PM 34 reeds 8-4 with 2 registers 34 ? - ?
VB300BN 36 reeds 8-8 buttons 36 ? - ?
VB400BM 36 reeds 8-4 2 registers Buttons 36 ? - ?
VB500PMK 34 reeds 8-8 Piano Keyboard 34 G? - E?
VB600PMK 34 reeds 8-4 2 Registers Piano Keyboard 34 G? - E?




It is made in Korea. Mouth piece is Trumpet type.

products keys lange
SM-37 37 F2 - F5
SM-37G 37 F2 - F5
SM-37B 37 F2 - F5
SM-37A 37 F2 - F5
SM-37N 37 F2 - F5
SM-36B 36 F2 - E5?
SM-36G 36 F2 - E5?
SM-36A 36 F2 - E5?

MELODIHORN (photo by Fumihiko Natsuaki)

LINKO/ LP Series

It is made in Taiwan. Sounds is like as "HOHNER", but I have not check it.

products keys lange
LP-250 25 C? - C?
LP-370 37 F2 - E5?

LP-250 and LP-370 (photo from winfar website)

YAMAHA/ Pianica

It is made in Japan. Pianica can be called pronoun-existence of KENBAN-Harmonica in Japan.

products keys lange
P-S25F 25 F3 - F5
P-25F 25 F2 - F4
P-25FS II 25 F2 - F4
P-32D 32 F2 - C5
P-32DP *1 32 F2 - C5
P-32DS II 32 F2 - C5
P-32DPS II *2 32 F2 - C5
P-37D 37 F2 - F5

*1: P-32D's another Color variation. *2: P-32DS's another Color variation.

P-32D (Photo from 10holes website)

SUZUKI (KAWAI)/ Melodion

It is made in Japan. melodion has the popularity which is equal to Pianica. SUZUKI announced the professional model and became the center of attention.

* Although the Kawai musical instrument also sold KENBAN-Harmonica, since the Suzuki musical instrument product was put on the market by OEM, it unified.

products keys lange
S-25C *3 25 F3 - F5
27S 27 F3 - G5
MX-27S 27 F2 - G4
S-32 32 F3 - C6
M-32C 32 F2 - C5
MX-32C 32 F2 - C5
M-34C 34 G2 - E5
M-36C 36 F2 - E5
M-37 37 F2 - F5
Pro-37 37 F2 - F5
Pro-37 V2 37 F2 - F5
B-24 24 F1 - E3

*3: Manufacture stop?

mx27s (photo from 10holes website)

B-24 (photo from 10holes website)

Pro37 (photo from 10holes website)


It is made inJapan. This is form like a TOY-piano in the form of a semicircle form. This is the tone which a whistle has and which ended, and the model built for the child taking advantage of the operativity of a keyboard. Though regrettable, it is a manufacture stop now. Andes-25 was re-put on the market in September! (Name is "Andes-25F")

products keys lange
Andes-25 (Andes-25F) 25 F2 - F4

Andes-25 (photo by Suzuki-san@Suzuki Musical Inst.MFG. Co.,Ltd.)


It is made in Japan. This model will be KENBAN-Harmonica type MIDI controller, if it says correctly. so MIDI sound module is required. Though regrettable, it is a manufacture stop now.

products keys lange
MIDI MELODION SMW-1000 36 F3 - E6/ F2 - E5

MIDI MELODION SMW-1000 (photo by Fumihiko Natsuaki)

ZEN-ON/ Piany

It is made in Japan. ZEN-ON also deals with the stand for a performance.

products keys lange
271A 27 F2 - G4
271AH 27 F2 - G4
323A 32 F2 - C5
323AH 32 F2 - C5
320SH 32 F3 - C6
370M 37 F2 - F5

323SH (scan from ZEN-ON's pamphlet)

TOKAI/ Pianica

Although a name is the same as YAMAHA, the Tokai musical instrument of having begun manufacture and sale is the point. Seemingly, what was manufactured here was sold as a YAMAHA brand till 1967- 1985. Manufacture and sale are carried out as a Tokai musical instrument brand in 1985 and afterwards.

products keys lange
P-32 32 F2 - C5

P-32 (photo from TOKAI Gakki Website)

TOKAI/ Pianix

TOKAI had announced this model once. Although it is a KENBAN-Harmonica type, since a mouthpiece is a dummy, there is no breath-control function. The parameters which can control this are Volume, Tone, Brilliance, Vibrato, and ON/OFF of Vibrato. It seems that the tone of this is close to combo organ.

products keys lange
Pianix 36 F? - E?

Pianix (this photo found at auction site)

Tombo/ Pianohorn

It was made in Japan. Although KENBAN-Harmonica was announced also from TOMBO musical instrument, manufacture and sale are stopped now.

products keys lange
PH-27 27 F? - G?

PH-27 (hpoto by "kxdegawa")

copyrighted by Kazutaka Sakamoto